My new male friend is huge and while having sex it hurt really bad, will I ever stretch out enough for us to enjoy?

Dr. Caldwell replied:

Hi¬†OK see if this helps you, one you really need to be relaxed, after lots of foreplay, if you don’t think you have enough lubrication get some coconut oil(extra virgin) this will you and his penis lots of slip, and may just make sex more enjoyable,but do get on top put your self in control of how it enters you vagina, take it very slowly, but always be relaxed, once its in just wait give your vagina time to adjust to the size.

Then slowly start to move but always keep in charge, and slowly your vagina will accept the size, and your start to enjoy what he has, if he has extra length as well, which all wont go in, you cam either buy a ring that fits over his penis, its thick rubber and will stop to deeper penetration, or you can make your own by using very dense foam rubber.

Hope you find some help here.

Good Luck, Elaine Caldwell